See The World Through This Talented Photographer's Lens

We are all familiar with the new emerging term “Photojournalism.” It’s used to describe a style of journalism achieved through photography that is used for storytelling in news, magazine and other publications.

While a journalist will use their pen and paper to tell stories, the 25-year-old documentary photographer, film-maker and activist, Alice Aedy use her camera to capture the visual representation of her stories.  Her work mostly focuses on women’s rights, environmental issues and forced migration with special assignments in Somaliland, Iran, and Kurdistan.

She spent much of 2016/17 year on the front-lines of the refugee crisis, reporting from inside camps across Europe and the Middle East. Alice’s works have been published in The Times, Vice, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Huck Magazine, Monocle, Smith Journal, BBC and more. With almost 68.5K following on her Instagram, Alice is climbing the ladder of success bit by bit. Scroll on to see some of her amazing photographs in the list below and see a whole different world through her lens.

Check out more of her work on the following links: Instagram | Twitter | Website

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