The Recent Glamour Covers Prove That The Set Standards of Beauty Are Changing in 2020

Blonde hair, cherry lips, dimpled cheeks, and flawless skin – these are some standards of beauty recognized all over the world. However, the fact is that there are no set standards of beauty, as they say, ”beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” 

Considering these facts, the ideals of beauty are changing in 2020. People are admiring the fact that the set standards can be changed according to every individual’s choice and preferences. Yes, folks, the Glamour magazine issued in February, was released with 11 covers. Women who never even dreamt of getting on the front cover of a fashion magazine a couple of years ago became the new faces of Glamour. These women, besides their unusual features and so-called ‘unorthodox’ beauty, are trending now. 

In this post, we’ve listed photos of those models that made it to the front cover of the famous magazine. It is good to see that the fashion industry is finally becoming more diverse. Scroll on, peeps. Share these photos with your friends. 






















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