What if You Blend Animals and Plants Together?

In the world of creativity, we face an undeniable truth of imaginative downtime. Our wells of inspiration are bound to run dry from time to time. Many talented artists seek inspiration from plants, animals or nature in general. Imagine if one combines these subjects into one creative piece? Wouldn’t the results be marvelous? Indeed, it would!

Designcrowd, a community of freelance graphic designers from around the globe, have organized a competition in which a bunch of Photoshop wizards could show their skills by merging animals and plants into one stunning object with their magical editing skills.

In this post, we have listed some of our favorite photos from the incredible Designcrowd competition. From fish with an apple like stomach to mushroom with a turtle face, these photos are strangely compelling due to outstanding editing.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

To see more work from other Photoshop experts, be sure to check out the following link:

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