Artist Spray-Paint Animals on Plastic Wraps

Most street artists use urban spaces as their canvas, but Moscow-based graffiti artist Evgeny Ches aka ches_ches takes it to the forest to create his art. Inspired by the work of French artists Kanos and Astro, he practices ‘cellograffiti’ or ‘CelloGraff’ that is the art of painting on plastic wrap rather than solid walls. He stretches cellophane around two trees, to spray paint his murals onto the plastic wrap.

He did his first graffiti-style artwork on a transparent plastic wrap around 8 years ago in the forest. It was an experiment to take urban art and move it from the streets to a natural landscape. Since the first experiment, his spray-paintings depict realistic wild animals including a dinosaur, a polar bear, a monkey, and even a giant squirrel and they almost look as though they’re really living among the forest trees. Scroll on and check out some of our favorite artworks from Ches’s collection listed below and enjoy peeps!

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