German Artist Takes Street Art To Another Level With His 34 ‘Sliced’ Animals

Art isn’t only found in art galleries, you can find it anywhere. Some of the most beautiful pieces of art exist on the streets. Sometimes you can find the artists responsible for the magnificent use of colors and brushes, at other times you’re left admiring the works of an anonymous artist. Well, in this talented artist’s Jayn’s case, he’s not only known for his amazing sketches which turn ordinary buildings into cutting-edge artistry but people really admire his work on the streets of Germany.

German designer and graffiti artist Jayn aka Jayn_one captured the attention of over 52k fans on social media with his one-of-a-kind style. He blends beautiful illustrations of animals with harsh, mechanical, and robotic rudiments to create the mesmerizing 34 ‘sliced’ animals and then, transfer them onto the walls. Each photo in his collection has a story to tell, and it speaks more than a thousand words.

Scroll on the list below to see some of Jayns most incredible work and enjoy peeps!

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